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Hello! My name is Brie (Gabrielle), and I am from the Washington D.C. area. I'm a former "military brat," having been fortunate to live in several countries and diverse cultures.

My background is in emergency room, EMS, and urgent care as a medical assistant and lab technician. I hold a Masters degree in biomedical sciences. My husband and I moved to Colorado in 2012 for our careers, and we love it so much here, we never left! I've done volunteer and professional child care for 7 years (babysitting, youth programs, tutoring). I enjoy so much caring for kids as they explore their world, learn new things, and have fun doing so! In my free time, I love to ski, hike, cook with friends, nature photography, and group activities (camping).

It's such a privilege to work with and care for children of all ages. I'm grateful I can help your family enjoy your time in beautiful Summit County, and look forward to meeting you and your family!

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