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My name is Katelyn, and I have been a nanny and/or caretake for over 10 years! I moved to Breckenridge last May after spending some time in Denver. Originally, I am from Maine with a passion for the outdoors, a small town, and an intimate community.

Before and after working in multiple daycare facilities, I took psychology classes, including child development, at Old Dominion University. I have kept up to date with CPR and First Aid certifications, where thankfully only first aid practices have come into play over my years of experience.

Growing up, my mother had a childcare facility in our home, so I would assist her everyday after school throughout my grade school years. From there, I would babysit on the weekends, and eventually worked at a daycare in the 2 year old classroom as the lead teacher. I also became a nanny a few years later for 2.5 years caring for a 4 and 7 year old. In addition, I've worked in other daycares working with children from 3 months to 8 years old.

If there's an activity to enjoy outside, you can bet I'm out there loving it! Breckenridge has gifted me the ability to experience and thrive in so many outdoor hobbies that I cannot see myself moving away. On top of outdoor fun, I enjoy quality time with my friends and family. Growing up in a small town made me very close with my family members and I'm very grateful for the upbringing I had.

Depending on the ages of children, I enjoy singing songs (yes they become stuck in my head as I cook myself dinner), finger painting, sensory activities, crafts, scavenger hunts, baking, card or board games, gardening, reading and more!

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