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Hello, I'm Samantha! I currently live in Montezuma, CO and have 15 years of experience working with children in different settings. In the past, I have worked as a Gymnastics instructor with children ages 2 years to 17 years. I was responsible for skill improvement, strength and conditioning, safety, and spotting. I was encouraged to construct creative drills and obstacles for all age groups. I also have worked as a chess coach for after-school programs for Boulder Valley School District. I was responsible for planning and prepping appropriate lessons for children of all ages and managing a classroom of 10 or more children. While babysitting, I like to keep children engaged in age-appropriate activities and spend time exploring.

I am very comfortable and confident in setting a safe and fun environment. I feel confident in uncomfortable situations such as tantrums, accidents, etc. Because of my gymnastics background I have an eye for physical activities that challenge children to gain coordination, balance, and strength. I am professional and always to ensure that the parents feel comfortable and safe, communication is key! I am comfortable with helping families manage the ski hustle and bustle, kids and all!

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